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Leading reputation.
Outstanding service and facilities.
A culture built on inclusiveness, achievement, friendship,
respect, service, care and fun.

To become an Aquinian is to join a family for life. Conducted by the Marists for the Archdiocese of Adelaide,
and set on a beautiful campus in North Adelaide, Aquinas offers tertiary students all the value-add of being
a member of a residential university college – academic success, pastoral support, connections, safety
and extensive social, cultural and sporting opportunities.



Aquinas and COVID-19

Aquinas College is following three lines of action in its management of the impact of COVID-19.

  1. Protocols for prudent management of the College’s resident community  Since it is the students’ place of residence, the College remains open. To do this responsibly, it has implemented a raft of measures to maximise hygienic practices, social distancing, and control of visitors. These are aimed at impeding the spread of the virus in the Aquinas community, and responding appropriately if or when residents develop possible symptoms.  Students have been fully briefed on these arrangements. It is anticipated that these will continue to be developed as the virus spreads. The College is in regular receipt of advice from statutory and medical authorities.
  2. Expansion of academic support   As courses in the three universities have moved to an online platform, Aquinas has expanded its onsite tutorial and general academic support for students. This is seen as the main benefit of being in college at this time. Students are being helped to adjust to online and distance learning, and provided with tutoring, peer assistance, routine, structure, high-speed internet, study spaces, incentives, and professional oversight.
  3. Pastoral care and community  Aquinas is known for the strength of its community and the quality of its pastoral care. As social and sporting opportunities for young people disappear during this period, the collegiate environment offers students an environment replete with friends, activity and connection. The Student Club, the House Coordinators, and individual students are being inventive in developing ways for students to be physically and socially active. The professional staff and senior students continue to ensure that the needs of each student are known and that they receive all the support they need.

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The College is accepting applications for 2021 residency. Enquiries are always welcome and we are always happy to arrange a tour. Aquinas College houses just one hundred and eighty tertiary students and these include first year students through to post-graduate students. ...Read More