About Aquinas

Aquinas College provides an opportunity for young women and men to develop their talents to their full capacity, to form critical minds and compassionate hearts, and to become effective leaders mature in faith and committed to justice in this world.

Aquinas College was established in 1950 by the Catholic Bishops of Adelaide and Port Pirie to cater for students from the country areas of South Australia attending the University of Adelaide. Since that time international and interstate students have joined the College Community and students also attend the University of South Australia and Flinders University. Today, one hundred and ninety five students live in Aquinas College.

While the students live their own lives, the security, stability and convenience offered by the College and the sharing of common interests are certainly a significant factor in the high academic success of Aquinas students.

Aquinas College is named after Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican medieval philosopher whose giant intellect dominated philosophical discussion for many hundreds of years. He was a fine teacher and encouraged students to ask questions and seek truth.