College Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity for young women and men to develop their talents to their full capacity, to form critical minds and compassionate hearts, and to become effective leaders mature in faith and committed to justice in this world.

Our Values

Academic Excellence
Fostering a supportive and student-centered environment that is characterised by academic excellence. Aquinas College assists students to unlock their full potential through extensive academic support programs.

Aquinas promotes a culture of intellectual, spiritual and ethical growth within a diverse and supportive environment. Furthermore, the College encourages involvement in a variety of sporting, social and other co-curricular activities. Each member of the Aquinas College family is provided the opportunity to grow and develop into a well-rounded individual.

Aquinas College students demonstrate respect toward others inclusive of the wider community, the environment, property and themselves.

Supporting all forms of faith and spirituality; we encourage each other to live out the principles and values of the Catholic teachings. As Aquinians, we are encouraged to reach out to the wider community, and to strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Aquinas College values the participation of our student body being active and involved members of the wider community through charity and service to numerous groups and organisations. The strong Jesuit and Marist traditions instills the quality among the College community of being men and women for others.

Our Banner

College Motto
Translated from the Latin, the College motto “Lucere et Ardere” is ‘to shine and burn’.
It is taken to mean, “to enlighten with knowledge and enliven with faith.”

College Crest
The crest brings together the symbols of the Jesuit and Dominican orders as well as the family crest of the founding Archbishop of the College.

The upper section of the College crest depicts three crescent moons that are part of the crest of Archbishop Beovich, who founded the College in 1950.
The mid-section depicts two wolves around a cauldron. This was the family crest of St Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), the founder of the Jesuits. The wolves symbolize the hospitality of the Loyola family.  Legend has it that two hungry wolves were fed when they came to the family’s castle door one night. The name ‘Loyola’ derives from lobo (wolf), y (and), and olla (cauldron) in Spanish.
The lower section of the emblem depicts the Sun of Justice that was the emblem of St Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican priest (1225 – 1274) and famous Catholic philosopher, theologian and scholar after whom the College is named.