Faculty Nights voted great success

Monday 10th September saw the inaugural ‘Faculty Nights’ at Aquinas.

Senior Academic Tutor, Hamish Peberdy, explained that the idea behind Faculty Nights was to bring together current Aquinas students in specific fields of study with former Aquinians who are now professionals at various stages of their careers in those fields.

“It was both informative and helpful to meet with these Old Collegians,” said Hamish.

“We were able to pick up some excellent career advice and also to make some very useful professional connections,” he said.

Hamish said that students near the end of their studies found the meeting particularly beneficial.

Eight former Aquinians took part in two panels, one for students pursuing degrees in allied health professions such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and the other for education students.

Assistant Dean, Dr Sarah Moller, who organised evening, was very pleased with each of the gatherings and said that the College is now looking to organise them as a regular thing from 2019.

She was especially appreciative of the ready involvement of former Aquinians who gave of their time and shared their experience.

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