Final Academic Panel for First Semester

One of the strengths of Aquinas is the academic support offered to its students.  In 2018, this occurs through the tutorial programme, individual advice from academic staff and monitoring of progress, weekly study hall, mentoring, informal peer support, and academic panels.

Assistant Dean (Academic), Dr Sarah Moller, who coordinates all of this, said that during the first semester, all first and second year students met individually with a three-person academic panel to discuss their progress.

“These are usually chaired by the Rector and include two former Aquinians who are established in their respective professions,” said Sarah.

“We are really appreciative of the many former Aquinians who volunteer their time to be on these panels.”

Sarah is assisted in the organisation of the panels by the ever-efficient Student Administration Officer, Mardi Isbel.

The last academic panel for Semester 1 was held on Monday 28th May.

(Main featured picture: Catherine Bailey, Brother Michael, Kylie Schulz and Dr Sarah Miller meet with second-year student Joel Moore.)


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