A Message from Br Paul Gilchrist – Head of College

Over the past three years there have been significant developments at the College:

  • In 2015, the new accommodation and dining room facility, MacKillop Building, was opened, providing modern accommodation for a further 36 students, taking our numbers to over 200 students;
  • The former kitchen has been converted into an attractive common room for students in the Beovich/Hannan building;
  • The former dining room is in the process of being converted into a new chapel;
  • Extra study rooms are now available in the Gleeson building; and
  • Townhouse 2 on Jeffcott Street has been purchased, enabling the College to house students in three townhouses.

During 2016, the Aquinas Council (all Aquinian alumni) agreed that a review into the operations of the Alumni was required with the principal aim of reconnecting with members, with each other, and with the College.

There are 3,600 past students of Aquinas since it commenced in 1950, and most have very fond memories of their time at the College. We want to provide opportunities for you to reestablish those contacts and come back and visit the College, refresh those memories, and see what the College looks like today. If you’re interested, further involvement with the students can be undertaken by way of mentoring, being a guest speaker, or by assisting with career advice and support.

The Council has created a new role at the College – the Alumni Development Officer – to ensure there is adequate support to the activities that need to be done to get the program up and going. I trust I can rely on your support to ensure its success.