A Message from the Rector

The Aquinian network is both strong and extensive.  Close to four thousand people have called Aquinas home since the College began in 1950.

Many of these former Aquinians continue to be active in their involvement and assistance of the College and its students.

Such help is most welcome. Indeed, Aquinas relies on the practical, professional, financial and moral support of its wide family.

As members of the College Council and its Committees, as Tutors to current students, as mentors and sponsors of Aquinians as they begin their careers, as contributors to scholarships and bursaries, as providers of professional or skilled advice to the Rector and his staff, as guest speakers at College dinners and events, and as donors to the Aquinas College Foundation, are the main ways in which people become involved. They include Aquinians who have left the College as recently as last year up to those who were here more than half a century ago.

Old Collegians are always welcome back at Aquinas, whether it be for an informal visit, an organised group reunion, or to discuss how they might be able to show their support in some way.   It is your College.

Sean Brito-Babapulle