Aquinas College Alumni Committee

Work is underway to form a new Alumni Committee – seeking interested parties.

Several members have been contacted to ask if they are interested in filling the role of President & Vice President and then the Committee members will be appointed.
The Alumni Committee will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of recommendations from the 2017-2020 Alumni Strategy Plan, with the assistance of the Alumni Development Officer. The main objectives for 2017 are:

  • Get the Alumni Committee functioning efficiently including sourcing new Committee members;
  • Provide input into the regular e-Newsletters and communications;
  • Identify conveners for the 1985 – 1989 class reunion to be held in 2017;
  • Support the new Membership Drive by encouraging contacts to assist in obtaining contact details for lost members;
  • Review the new Website and provide input and ideas for improvement; and
  • Work with the College Dean identifying Mentors and Guest Speakers to work with current students.