Become involved today

We have an array of Academic Programmes that warmly welcome the contribution of Alumni. Theses are held at various times during the day and evening.

  • Senior Mentoring Program

We have a well established program to provide mentors for our senior students, who are close to completing their degrees.

The idea behind the Mentor program is to not only reconnect our Alumni with the College, but more-so to allow students the opportunity to network in their chosen field, with someone who has an immediate point of commonality, that being, having lived at Aquinas.

It is hoped that you will meet on at least 3 occasions, the first being at a Mentoring Event at College at the beginning of May, with the next 2 meetings being at their convenience.

  • Faculty Nights and Professional Development Workshops

These are held throughout the year to help students learn more about working in their field of choice. We appreciate the contribution of Alumni to these nights. Our Academic Team would be delighted to hear from you if you could spare any time to attend these sessions to assist students to discover their career paths.

  • Tutoring

We offer all 180 of our students access to Tutoring in over 100 different courses. Alumni are our first preference as Tutors and it is expected that you are availble on Monday nights at compulsory Study Hall.

  • Academic Panels

All of our students attend two Academic panels during the course of the year. In Terms 1 and 2, all Freshers meet with a Panel to discuss their academic progress, transition into College and any other issues they wish to have addressed. In terms 2 and 3 the Juniors and Seniors meet with a Panel. The Panels comprise of the Rector or the Academic Director and two Alumni.

If you would like to share your expertise and help our current students , our Academic Director, Dr Sarah Moller would love to hear from you. Sarah’s email is