Academic Support

Academic support is provided in several ways. As well as the college tutorials, peer support is available in most subjects from students in the same year or students who have recently completed courses. Academic reviews are conducted by college staff and former Aquinas College students. In these reviews students are given the opportunity to reflect on their academic progress and to seek guidance if needed. Recognition is also given to all who do well. Certificates are awarded to those who achieve well in their subjects, prizes are given to the top student in their area of study and Academic Scholarships are awarded to the top students of each year.


Eloise Vaughan and Sally Terrett

The Senior Academic Tutors are significant Leaders within the College. They are appointed by the Head of College and the Dean of Students, after an application and interview process. Their role includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assisting the Dean in the selection of College tutors.
  • Overseeing the tutors, ensuring that they honour their commitments
  • Promote, organise, advertise and run fortnightly tutorials in thier chosen field
  • Meet regularly with the Dean of Students to keep updated with current academic activities and tutorials
  • Be available to offer assistance to members of your faculty outside tutorial time.
  • Alert the Dean to any serious academic difficulties students are experiencing
  • Promote the different forms of support provided by the universities
  • Provide current information regarding student progress, results, programs etc., to the Academic Committee each semester.
  • Invite relevant guests to speak at formal dinners
  • Manage the online tutorial system
  • Organise and run the Academic Night, in O-Week
  • Organise tours to all University campuses for incoming Freshers, during O-Week
  • Allocate Freshers to appropriate tutorial groups, for both semester 1 and 2
  • Meet with all tutors at least once per semester
  • Develop, distribute and collate feedback forms for all first year students at the end of 1st semester