Aquinas Academic Program

Aquinas College provides an extensive academic support program which is designed to help students reach their fullest potential in their university studies. Known as Uni on the Hill, our in-house learning program offers students a range of daily opportunities to assist them in staying motivated and on-track with their studies. Please click here to read the snapshot of our Semester 2, 2023 results.

The 2024 Senior Academic Tutor, Montana Foster and Junior Academic Tutors Deniz Karakaya and Eliza Monger work in conjunction with the Academic Director, Dr Sarah Moller, to cultivate an environment where academic achievement is fostered and promoted. Support for first year students is delivered via a series of initiatives aimed at making transition to university a positive and enriching experience. For the duration of their first year at College, new students are mentored by senior students who act as tutors in discipline-specific tutorial groups, which are held regularly to offer support, guidance and course-related advice.

In order to equip them for the rigours of university study, first year students also participate in a program of introductory seminars which specifically address themes and questions pertinent to their first year at university. All students have access to over 20 Supervised Study Sessions throughout the week, which offer a distraction-free environment to help them stick to routines and stay on top of their study load.

Uni on the Hill is based in the Lucey Centre, a 24-hour academic space complete with seminar areas, library facilities and Zoom rooms. Our library holds an extensive range of core textbooks, while students also have access to software required by courses across the three universities.

Across all year levels, students are invited to participate in academic review panels, in which the College’s academic staff and Aquinas alumni interview students on their individual progress. These reviews offer students the opportunity to reflect on their academic journey and to seek guidance if needed. Individual academic support is provided for students who are struggling to attain Pass grades in specific subjects, and, where appropriate, students can request extra tutorial assistance.

Academic achievement is valued highly at Aquinas College, and we take pride in celebrating the academic successes of our students. A range of scholarships and academic prizes are awarded each semester to the College’s top students, and we publicly recognise students’ individual achievements in twice-yearly academic assemblies.