Outreach Programmes

In keeping with the strong Jesuit and Marist traditions, Aquinas College aims to instil “a faith that seeks justice” in all students. Altruistic service has been part of student life since the inception of the College in 1950. The Outreach Programme aims to enable and guide students to engage in activities that help others who are less fortunate than themselves. Students are encouraged to use their initiative in seeking opportunities to help the disadvantaged.

The programme entails a minimum annual requirement of 10 hours of “service dedicated to or impacting upon a particular disadvantaged group or issue of social justice”. Students will plan and organise their own commitment or join an activity organised by the 2022 Outreach Coordinator, Grace Moloney. This commitment can take a variety of forms and may include: advocacy, community awareness raising, fundraising, tutoring, or the provision of direct service such as volunteer work in a soup-kitchen, hospital or other charitable organisations.