Scholarships and Bursaries

Aquinas College Council Scholarships. The College Council provides fifteen scholarships to support students in the capacity of one of the Service role positions to the value of $1400 each.

The Steve Hayes Scholarship. This scholarship was established by members of the Aquinas Alumni to honour one of their most highly respected and much loved Aquinians, the late Steve Hayes. Steve Hayes was a great College man and heavily involved in all aspects of College life. In addition to the selection criteria, the recipient(s) will also fulfil the ideal of the ‘quality all-rounder”. The scholarship is valued at $2100.

The Saint Mary of the Cross Bursary. Saint Mary of the Cross (Mary MacKillop) was the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph and a pioneer in the field of Catholic school education in Australia. Aquinas College established this bursary in the name of Australia’s first Saint in recognition of the fact that many Aquinas students received their primary or secondary education in Josephite schools, as well as to honour the contribution made to Aquinas by Sister Margaret Kenny.

Chartwells Scholarships. Chartwells is the catering company that serves the College. The company funds two scholarships as a way of supporting students in Service role positions at Aquinas to the value of $4200.

Students who have demonstrated a successful academic record, leadership qualities, a positive contribution to College life and concern for the wellbeing of others are invited to apply for the Service role positions in the fourth term of the preceding year.  The candidates are interviewed by a selection panel and appointed by the Rector.