Student Leadership

There is wide opportunity for students to take on leadership roles at the College. There are 46 different roles for which juniors and seniors can apply. Some of these are appointed by the Rector, either as employees of the College or in an honorary capacity for which an honorarium is paid. Others are elected by their fellow students.  They fall into five main groups:

The Pastoral Team (comprising the House Coordinators working with the Dean)

The Student Club Executive (all of whom are elected)

The Academic Team (comprising the Senior Academic Tutor, the Junior Academic Tutors, the Academic Support Officer, the Student Administration Officer and the College Librarian, working with the Academic Director)

The Campus Ministry Team (comprising the Outreach Coordinator, the Chapel Music Coordinator, and the Youth Ministry Assistants, working with the Dean and College Chaplain)

A range of administrative and service positions, the occupants of which work with one or other of the senior staff – the Rector, the Dean, the Academic Director, the Business Manager or the Registrar.