Student Testimonials

August, 2017

“Thank you very much for allowing me to live at Aquinas for my semester abroad.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for me.  Choosing to branch out and live at Aquinas, instead of an apartment was the best decision I made about study abroad.   It allowed me to experience much more of the culture and meet many more great people.

The students at Aquinas were extremely friendly and welcoming to me and they were the reason I enjoyed my time at College so much.  It was sad to leave after only one semester.  I wish I could have attended all the Aquinas events of second semester, especially the hopeful return of the High Table Cup to Aquinas.

Jackson Winchester (centre) with friends

Thank you again to Brother Paul, the Aquinas staff and to all the Aquinas students for making my time abroad so special.”

Jackson Winchester (resident of Aquinas for Semester One 2017)

North Carolina State University


July 2017

Adjusting to life in the city can be hard for young adults. Moving from rural areas to undertake university is a reality faced by many country students and is often quite daunting. However Aquinas College makes this move more than comfortable. When I first arrived I only knew 1 or 2 people .… everyone is in the same boat so bonds form quickly and easily. 

 Now as a House Coordinator at Aquinas I am part of a team of 10 students appointed by the Head of College whose responsibilities range from day to day management of our houses and the welfare of students. Essentially it is our job to ensure everyone feels safe and has a great time with us here at College!  With support received from fellow Collegians as well as staff, adjusting to life in the “big smoke” is suddenly a breeze.

Nic Hamilton 2017 House Coordinator

Nic Hamilton (from rural Victoria, in his third year of Commerce)

2017 House Coordinator of Marcellin House