Signum Fidei Seminar

Aquinas College Future Educators Academy, in conjunction with Catholic Education South Australia, has invited Australian Catholic University to Aquinas College on Friday 6th August to run a day-long Signum Fidei 2021 seminar.

Signum Fidei is a three-module certificate course offered by ACU, designed for pre-service teachers, early career teachers and youth ministers. Module One, held on Friday 6th August, comprises a day-long seminar with follow-up activities which, when completed, gives participants a certificate in Module One of Catholic Life and Practice, awarded by the ACU La Salle Academy.

Module One is an excellent opportunity for pre-service and early career teachers to reflect, share and explore the Catholic faith in a fun community context. Participants in Signum Fidei are given a taste of what it means to share in the mission of Catholic education, while learning more about themselves and their peers.

The Signum Fidei seminar on Friday 6th August is sponsored by Catholic Education South Australia, as part of their ongoing commitment to train, equip and develop future teachers for the Catholic Education system. The seminar commences at 10am and concludes at 3pm; lunch will be provided. Places are limited; please contact Sarah Moller if you have further questions.

To register for the Signum Fidei Seminar please click here