Contacting lecturers

Sometimes you need may need to contact a Course Coordinator, Lecturer or Tutor to ask for an extension or seek clarification. If this is the case, it pays to make sure you address them correctly and clearly communicate what you are requesting.

Here is an example of how to set out your request:

Dear Dr/Professor ……… (find out which one they are, and use their last name, eg Dr Jones)

My name is Your Name, Student Number,  and I attend your tutorial on insert day for the subject Insert subject name.

Then clearly state the reason for contacting them; here are a few examples:

  • I wish to submit my apologies for next Monday, 5th March: I will be unable to attend the tutorial because I have a specialist’s appointment which was booked last year. Please accept my apologies. I will ensure I check myuni for any material I may have missed due to my absence.
  • I am contacting you today seeking an extension for the upcoming assignment Insert Title. I am seeking this extension because I recently injured my wrist at netball training, and at present I am having trouble using my hand for extended periods to type. I attach medical certificates to support this request.
  • I wish to make an appointment to speak with you about my upcoming arrangements for placement….
  • I wish to make an appointment to speak with you about my recent results in the assessment entitled…..

Remember that if you are seeking an extension on compassionate grounds (a friend or family member is very sick or recently died) then your best option is to make an appointment with the university counselling service, who will give you the appropriate paperwork you need to support the claim. You can make an appointment online.

If you would like further assistance contacting lecturers, please ask Sarah for help.