Leaders chosen for 2020

In the last week before mid-semester, the first appointments were made for next year’s leadership roles.

Catherine Walsh, from Mount Gambier, has been elected Student President for 2020.

The ten House Coordinators have also been appointed. Morgan Fisher and Jack Gosling – also both from the Mount – will be the Senior House Coordinators.  The other eight on the team are: Liam Beckman, Kale Olds, Tahlia Cua, Ellie Breuer, Austin Turner, Bailey Marzola, Ashleigh Fogarty and Brennan Lockwood.

The Rector, in announcing the appointments said that it was an especially difficult decision this year.

‘We had so many high calibre applicants,’ said Brother Michael, ‘that it took us some time to settle on the final ten.’

Many have commented that the number of applicants is indicative of the strength and depth of the Aquinas community.

Brother Michael congratulated all who put themselves forward and went through the rigorous selection process.

‘Many others could have taken on the role quite successfully,’ he said. ‘We look forward now to considering them for the other leadership and service roles that will be opened after the mid-semester break.’


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