Aquinas dominates again in HTC Basketball

Titanium Security Stadium was the venue for the exciting Finals of the intercollegiate basketball finals on Wednesday 22 August.

Even before arriving, Aquinas had proved to be the most successful College of 2018, having won a place in both the Men’s and the Women’s Finals.

Both games turned out to be tight contests, but for different reasons. Playing against Flinders in the Women’s Final, Aquinas jumped out early to what looked like an unassailable lead which the team was able to maintain until towards the end of the fourth quarter.  Flinders made a late charge, but it was not enough to stop the Aquinas women brining the cup back home.  ‘Glory, glory to Aquinas’ rang out loudly across the stadium as the players were feted.

In the men’s, Aquinas was up against a fancied St Ann’s side boasting three State representatives. The game remained close, with each team getting a lead on the other only to have it chopped back and reversed. St Ann’s put managed a good break in the third quarter to go out to an 8 or 10 point lead and keep it for the last part of the game.  Aquinas, however, weren’t done and staged a nail-biting comeback in the last minutes, falling just a couple of points adrift when then final siren sounded.

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