HTC Girls Football

As always, the lead up to HTC Football was highly anticipated and busy with trainings to ensure the standard of play that Aquinas has demonstrated over the last few years continued.

As both boy and girl teams were 2015 Football Premiers it meant that we fast-tracked through round one and our first encounter on the field would be the decider match, with the winner straight into the grand final.

The girls football team, coached by Isabelle Hall and Andrew Preece began a hard and tough training regime early, preparing the team for back to back premierships. With many new young talented freshers making up the team, the seniors were able to pass on the determination and commitment it takes to build a winning football team. By taking the game back to the basics and pulling apart what was required of each individual role, the team developed the necessary depth and skill to be a force on the field.

The first game in round two was played against St Ann’s and the team knew they would have to come out blazing.  With a convincing win of 80-6, it was evident to all that the hard work had paid off.

Going into the Grand Final, we knew it would be a much tougher game against St Marks. But again,   from the first bounce the girls showed grit and true Aquinas determination which continued throughout the whole game. The girls football team were victorious kicking 52-8 and winning back to back Premierships.

Ammy Singleton showed her experience and helped lead the team as she worked the field, being helped by keen freshers like Kenidee McNamara and Hannah Murdoch who worked tirelessly. Carlie ‘CHAPO’ Chapman was a presence in the forward line, keeping the scoreboard ticking over as she kicked a bag of goals. Eliza Fromm and young Sophie Bammann played major roles with consistent endeavour throughout the match, helping the team to success. Coach Isabelle Hall was courageous throughout the campaign and in both games, lead from the front. (article by Eliza Boulton)


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