Tennis, Debating, Swimming & Netball Results

HTC Tennis

Tennis was the first sport of the High Table Cup to be contested and our team was as competitive as ever, made up of experienced seniors and excited freshers. Britt McEvoy and Ben Snell undertook the dual role of coaching our teams as well as being our two singles players. Britt was a standout, not losing a game whilst Lucas Martin was a crowd favourite. Two of our Freshers, Adam Proud and Hamish Peberdy  made stellar debuts and showed potential to be a power force in the coming years. After games being postponed in week 1 due to the rain, our team came out just as strong the weekend after an were placed third, which was still a tremendous effort from all tennis players.

HTC Debating

Our debating team, coached by Henry Wallis, had prepared well  and Eloise Vaughen, Matt Smith and Jayce Golding showed their experience, passing on knowledge to Freshers such as Erini Sandanis and James Fry. Our team of debaters managed to score 2nd place overall, an excellent achievement and our best result in a few years.

HTC Swimming

Our slender and sleek swimming team came out all guns blazing. Coaches, Ignatius Rudd and Eloise Vaughen, provided insightful knowledge on the art of swimming and both swam exceptionally well on the night. The likes of Marcus Walker, Hannah Kroemer, Khalil Hadland and Jordy Carr, made up what was a well-experienced and tough swimming team. Our swimming team worked hard like legends and at the end of the night, we finished a respectable 3rd place.

HTC Netball

The highly anticipated sport of netball came early this year, with tryouts and trainings beginning straightaway. As always the illustrious boys’ side trained well under the helm of coaches Stella Cox and Matt Parslow. With a real mixture of seniors and juniors in the team this year,  Jacob Smith, Lucas Martin and Tyler Athanasos, passed on their skills and expertise of the game to our fit freshers, Adam Proud, Daniel Mezzino and Che Lange. Making it to the Grand Final without losing a game, the boys had a tough match against St Marks, but ended up victorious by quite a substantial margin. Remarkably it is our 12th year in a row for winning boys netball.

Our girl netballers were just as highly dedicated and prepared as well as possible as coaches Britt McEvoy and Bree Walters had their eyes on gold. The girls worked tirelessly in attempt to win back the cup for the first time in 7 years. With the wisdom of Ammy Singleton, Renee Clark and Pippin Ellis combined with keen skilful freshers, Mardi Isbel, Shinae Dunlop and Erin Scott, the team did not drop a game. Competing in the Grand Final against Lincoln, the girls won back the cup in a comfortable yet very exciting and anticipated win.



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