Information for Aquinas Tutors

The team of tutors at Aquinas plays an important role in supporting our students and ensuring that we deliver the highest level of academic assistance. Below is some essential information for Aquinas tutors:

Tutor pay

In an effort to ensure that you are paid as swiftly as possible for the tutorials you hold, please remember to fill in the online tutor form as soon as you have held a tutorial.

The payroll will be submitted to the College Finance office every second Thursday, on the following dates. Please make a note of these dates and fill in the online tutor form by lunchtime on the relevant Thursday to ensure you receive your pay within the following week.

Thursday 10th March

Thursday 24th March

Thursday 7th April (last pay before mid-semester break)

Thursday 5th May

Thursday 19th May

Thursday 2nd June

Thursday 16th June (Swotvac)

Study Hall

Study Hall runs every Monday from 7.15pm – 8.15pm.

In the event of public holidays, we will run an informal study hall for those students who are at college.


We will communicate with all tutors via the Aquinas Tutor Page on Facebook. If you have any questions about your group, please contact Caitlin McMahon. If you have any concerns about the academic progress of your students, please let us know earlier rather later so we can address the issue

Thank you for your involvement and the important contribution you make to the academic team.