Valete 2016

Aquinas College hosted a very special event on Saturday 29th October to honour and farewell 19 Valedictory students who not only have completed their degrees, but have made a significant… Read More

2016 Mid Year Address

In ‘Inherit the Wind’ (1960), a brilliant film about the contentious issues surrounding the scientific authority of the bible, defence lawyer, Henry Drummond, when questioning the prosecuting lawyer, the Reverend… Read More

NAAUC Conference

In early July, six current students and the College Dean, travelled to Sydney to attend the annual NAAUC Conference (National Association for Australian University Colleges). The program offered seven full… Read More

Aquinas Ball

The issue of the elegant invitations for the Aquinas Ball to be held on Saturday 30th July, set the tone for one of the highly anticipated events of the annual calendar. Students gathered… Read More