Best results in the history of Aquinas


The Semester 2 Collegiate Dinner on Saturday 1 August gave the College community the opportunity to recognise and celebrate its quite extraordinary results for the first semester of 2020.

In his address to the College, the Rector said that, while Aquinas students usually attain results well ahead of the norm, this year they were nothing short of amazing.

‘In the proud 70-year history of Aquinas, there has been nothing to come close to this,’ said Brother Michael. ‘We were knocked over by what the students have done. It says so much about the academic culture of the College and the effectiveness of our support.’

Sarah Moller, the Academic Director, was also fulsome in her praise of the students’ achievements, providing some stunning statistics to highlight just how noteworthy they were.

‘Over 90% of students attained a Credit average or better, and over 50% a Distinction average or better,’ said Dr Moller. ‘These proportions are extraordinary.’

‘Among first-year students, the ratios were even higher, with 93% earning a Credit average or better, and not a single student failing to pass every course in every degree.’

Dr Moller offered special commendation to these students who, in their first semester of tertiary study, had to adjust to the challenges of online learning because of COVID-19.

‘Indeed, it was a first-year student, Gorgia Robbie, who won the Father Michael Scott Prize for highest results in the College,’ Dr Moller.

Gorgia was among a number of students who attained straight HDs.