South Australian Government Isolation Guidelines

South Australian Government Guidelines for Isolation

When you entered the state, you would have received a document that highlights the following information. It is crucial that these guidelines are followed as failure to do so can result in not only a massive fine for you but also the college.

5—Direction—arrivals generally

Subject to clauses 6 and 8, I direct all people to whom this direction applies, other than an essential traveler referred to in Schedule 1, to—

(a) identify a suitable place and ensure arrangements are in place for them to reside and remain in that place for a 14-day period commencing on the date of their arrival in South Australia;

(b) having identified a suitable place, travel by the most direct practical route and means to the place

(c) upon arrival at the place, reside and remain in that place, self-quarantined and segregated from other persons (excluding persons who usually live at the place), for the period beginning on the day of arrival and ending at midnight on the fourteenth day after arrival into the State;

(d) remain at the place, except—

(i) for the purposes of obtaining medical care or medical supplies; or

(ii) in any other emergency situation; or

(iii) for any reason approved in advance by the State Co-ordinator or his delegate or an authorised officer; and

(e) take reasonable steps to ensure that no other person enters the place unless that other person usually lives at the place, or the other person is also complying with self-quarantine requirements, or for medical or emergency purposes.