SA Governor inspires Aquinas students

His Excellency, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC was the welcome and inspirational guest of the College at Formal Dinner on Monday 3 September.

The Governor said he was delighted to accept the invitation to come to the College and to meet staff and students.

“I have often gone past these gates and wondered what it was like inside.”

In his address to the College, His Excellency drew movingly on his own life story to share some life-lessons that he had learnt in the most trying and challenging of circumstances, particularly as a young refugee.

The Governor urged the students not to be reticent in stepping forward to take initiatives and to speak up, even as young people.  It is often young people who see most clearly what needs to happen.

He strongly encouraged them to value learning, never to take it for granted, and to treasure the opportunity that a tertiary education offered.

His Excellency also shared his hope that Aquinians would help to make Australia a country that continued to value and enhance the cultural diversity of its citizens, where people understood what it was like to walk in the shoes of another.

All present at the dinner were greatly impressed by the Governor’s words and his gracious presence.

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