Art Show and Rector’s Cocktail Party showcase both talent and style!

The traditional Parent’s Weekend in May again kicked off with the Annual Art Show and Rector’s Cocktail Party.

Although many parents were unable to visit Adelaide due to seeding, this year saw a record number of parents and family members attend, with Gleeson House overflowing with interesting art, happy students and lovely Aquinas families.

The main organiser of the event, Student Club Secretary, Lilly Phillips, was pleased with the calibre of entries and the enthusiasm displayed by some of the Houses in their submission of entire “House” works of art. Lilly was pleased with the array of mediums used by students who submitted pieces, from amazing costumes to architectural models.

Due to the very high standard of work entered in the Show, Lilly and her team of judges, Dr Sarah Moller and alumnus Ruby Yates were faced with difficult decisions. Unsurprisingly, the talented Faith Monger was awarded the Rosie Pike Award for Artistry by alumnus Lauren Pike representing the Pike Family. The much anticipated People’s Choice Award was won by Amanda Krause and Ryle Snook voted the runner-up.

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