HTC Football brings home a win and a close second to the Aquinas teams

HTC Football showcased the broad talent of Aquinas off the back of a debating win a week earlier! The Men’s team stormed home with a clean sweep of large-margin wins in every game and the Women’s team a narrow second place.

Over consecutive weekends, the Aquinas Women’s and Men’s Football Teams played in extreme and opposite weather, proving their versatility and determination. The first Sunday, in cold and rainy conditions, saw Aquinas facing Flinders University and Lincoln College. This round was the Blue Round, with everyone wearing blue face paint, ribbons, and armbands to show their support for mental health.  As is always the case, Aquinas embraced all that was involved in supporting this important cause. On the ground, the Aquinas Women and Men’s teams had easy victories over both Lincoln College and Flinders, with the final scores being Women v Lincoln 72-1 and Women V Flinders 71-1, and the Men’s team with similar outcomes, Men V Lincoln 140-12 and Men V Flinders 156-1.

The following weekend, coinciding with the Parent’s Weekend at Aquinas and Mother’s Day, the second round, the Indigenous Round, was played. This round was intended to raise awareness and promote a greater understanding of Indigenous cultures, history, and traditions. The round commenced with a Smoking Ceremony. The Aquinas players certainly went to a great deal of trouble for this round, having an indigenous guernsey designed.

The Women started well with a 31-19 victory over St Ann’s. Sadly, this form could not be maintained, with them losing to St Mark’s 7-33. The Men prevailed in both games with enormous victories, scoring 121-7 against St Ann’s and 128-15 against St Mark’s.

The coach of the Women’s team, Lily Glover observed after the game, “I couldn’t be prouder of how we played on both weekends, our whole team maintained sportsmanship and could walk away happy with the quality of our game. Enthusiasm and encouragement was our focus, most of our team had never played before and they took all our feedback in their stride. This group of women was incredible to be on the field with and in the end, footy wins.”

As Lily stated, overall, the game was the winner with sportsmanship and fair play being a highlight of both Aquinas teams over the two rounds.

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