HTC Hockey double for Aquinas!

On a surprisingly fine day (we always seem to be playing HTC Hockey in cyclonic conditions) Aquinas teams and our huge supporter base, including many parents, travelled to the Adelaide Uni Hockey Grounds determined to retain both Cups.

The Men’s team played exhibition hockey in all four of their games, with each opposition team unable to score even a goal!

The pressure was on the Women as they went into their last game knowing that they had won two and drawn the one game with St Ann’s: they were playing for “Sheep Stations” against St Mark’s. A draw with St Mark’s caused a few moments of angst but the word on the ground was that Aquinas and St Ann’s had tied for 1st place. The “word” proved correct! It was a tie between Aquinas and St Ann’s. The SAAUCC Rules were then consulted and as the Aquinas Women won the trophy in the preceding year, they retained the physical possession of it!

Aquinas achieved what we set out to do, both Cups were retained!

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