Rector calls students to bring wisdom to their knowledge and skills

Homily at Welcome Service 2022 (003)

Ninety-one new Aquinians were formally inducted as members of the Aquinas family on Sunday 20 February at the annual Welcome Service.

Brother Michael, said that one of the more moving rituals of this liturgy each year is when each House Coordinator reads on the names of the new members of the their House, and then those names are put in the silver Aquinas heart, which sits on the altar in the College Chapel

‘The name of every Aquinian from 1950 – student and staff member – is in that heart. Each time the College gathers for worship, we bring the names of all of those people to our prayer, and we remember them,’ said Brother.

In his homily at the Welcome Service, Brother Michael, referred to the new icon that has been commissioned for the College Chapel, ‘Sedes Sapientiae’ (Latin for ‘Seat of Wisdom’). He drew a link between this and the readings chosen for the liturgy, emphasising the significance and need for nurturing wisdom, rather than simply acquiring professional knowledge and expertise.

Read the Rector’s homily HERE.

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