The Aquinas Wolf Mural

The City of Adelaide has been commissioning new public artworks by local artists across the City and North Adelaide. The Council initiative, Reignite Adelaide, delivered in partnership with Guildhouse, was designed to add vibrancy across the streets and laneways. Aquinas College, and more specifically our gym wall on Jeffcott Street, was selected as one of seven sites perfect for a mural.

Many well-known artists submitted concepts relevant to Aquinas for the mural. Following a rigorous selection process involving Aquinas staff, it was agreed that Jacob Logos’ vision  “The Aquinas Wolf ” was perfect for Aquinas. Jacob’s creation, of what we are confident will become an iconic piece of public art, was so eloquently described in his submission that we share it with you here:

The image of the wolf provides a strong and noble impression of the gate at 44 Jeffcott. Deeply layered in a multitude of symbolic interpretation’s, the wolf plays an important role as a mascot for the College. Fiercely loyal, brave, family provider, the wolf’s positive traits are set against it’s portrayal as cunning opportunistic scavenger, out to deceive and waylay.

Embedded in this dualism is the Aquinian and St Ignatius message that through practical virtues of self-betterment, spiritual, physical and academic development , and by way of community outreach and generosity, the perceived threat can not only be held at bay but transformed into something more beneficial. 

The representation of the constellation is a reminder of our intrinsic connection to the Divine”. 

During the painting, Jacob invited students to spend time with him on Jeffcott Street and attended a Formal Dinner to share his creative process.

Please be sure to come and visit the Aquinas Wolf.

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