Valetants Honoured

The evening of Saturday 27th October saw one of the highlights of the Aquinas year, the annual Valete Service and Dinner.

It was an occasion to honour those students who are leaving the College having completed their degrees. Earlier in the week, the Leavers’ Dinner acknowledged and thanked other students who will be finishing their time at Aquinas at the end of academic year.

The Valete evening was a festive occasion. It began with an uplifting Service during which the Valedictory was delivered by Matthew Smith and the leadership of the College was ritually passed from the office holders of 2018 to those of 2019. Following the Valete Service, the 2018 College photo was taken, before pre-dinner drinks on the Gleeson lawns and then the dinner.

Following tradition, the Valetants chose the two MCs for the night – Alice Fry and Jack Barnes – and named the Aquinian of the Year – Gemma Pollard.

Spread across the Leavers Dinner and the Valete Dinner was a range of awards, presentations, and speeches which recalled the year that has been and acknowledged the contributions of many students.

Annabel Shepherd, who chaired this year’s Valete Committee, was very pleased with how the evening unfolded, as were all the parents of the Valetants.

The College now moves into swotvac and exams, and the gradual departure of students for the summer break.

Click here to read the address given by 2018 Valedictorian Matt Smith, and the Valete Address by the Rector

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