Aquinas wins Battle of the Bands

The College has retained its mantle as the champion college band in Adelaide after the annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ was contested by the city’s residential colleges on the evening of Thursday 13th September.

Many hours of fine-tuning their performance in the College Music Room paid off for the Aquinas musicians.

College Music Coordinator for 2018, and vocalist for the band, Sam Thompson, was thrilled with the win, played before a large and enthusiastic audience at entertainment venue Fat Controller on North Terrace.

“This really caps off a great year for music at the College,” said Sam.

Other members of the band were Alex Boksem (bass guitar), Stephen Sochacki (lead guitar), Jack Armfield (rhythm guitar), Olivia McEvoy (keyboard) and Fletcher Thomas (drums).

The band played a four-song set that included “Song 2” by Blur, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jett, “Scott Green” by Dune Rats, and “Young Drunk” by The Smith Street Band.

Band members pictured during a practice session (absent: Jack Armfield) 

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