Outreach Person of the Year

The Outreach Program in 2017 has been taken on with willingness, excitement and genuine interest by Aquinians. It has been very rewarding to witness us as young individuals coming together to give so much to the broader community and those in need.

We have held many successful events here at College, such as the Sleep-Out and World’s Greatest Shave as well as public events such as Hutt Street Centre Walk A Mile, Light the Night and the Cystic Fibrosis ball, to name a few. We have volunteered many hours to badge days and postcard distributions, getting out with the people of Adelaide. Many individuals took on the challenges of the Live Below the Line, Ration Challenge and Steptember. We have donated countless amounts of blood and plasma, aiding the ill and saving lives.

All in all, each and every Aquinian who has spent time throughout the year completing their Outreach hours and being a compassionate and thoughtful person, should be proud of their contribution and kindness to others. Together we have completed near to 2000 Outreach hours. It has been quite the competition over the year between the Houses, but I must extend huge congratulations to Dylan and all the members of Roma Mitchell House for completing a total of 217 hours.

When selecting the “Outreach Person of the Year”, it was hard as there were many people who went above and beyond.  However, the person I have chosen has to date completed well over 20 hours, contributed to 7 different events and charities, has had consistent involvement throughout the whole year and has possessed an excited and enthusiastic approach towards the Outreach Program and the difference it makes to people.  Awarding it to a Fresher excites me for it demonstrates the positive and compassionate attitude of the Aquinian cohort, particularly those who have joined College this year.  It is with great happiness to announce the recipient of the  2017 “Outreach Person of the Year” is Lenah Rasmussen.

Eliza Boulton

Outreach Coordinator
Speech on the evening of “Leavers Dinner” held 23rd October 2017.

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