Support for Hutt Street Centre

Aquinians were out of bed early on the morning of Friday 10th August to offer support to the Hutt St Centre in the annual ‘Walk A Mile in my Boots’ fund-raising and consciousness-raising event.

All week, students have been involved in a post-card distribution around the city to promote the event.

The College’s Outreach Program is a feature of Aquinas, and Adelaide’s Hutt St Centre is one of the charitable organisations with which the College has a long association.  The annual College sleep-out earlier in the year was another way which Aquinians tried to come closer to the experience of homelessness in the city.

College Outreach Coordinator, Matt Ballantyne, said that it was important for students who enjoy the privilege, comfort and opportunity that Aquinas gives, to appreciate how devastating homelessness can be.

“It also happens to people of our own age,” said Matt. “It is often hidden because it expresses itself in couch-surfing rather than sleeping rough.”

“But it can be just as embarrassing and humiliating,” added Matt. “And it can happen quickly to someone.”

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