What to do when you arrive at College

When you arrive at college, please ring the duty phone. You will be issued with a face mask and gloves, which you need to put on immediately. You will be taken straight to the room that has been allocated to you. Your keycard has been set to open your allocated room however you will need to hotspot it on your way in. It’s best that you make one trip from your car to your room, so please consider how this can be best managed

If you require belongings from your current room, please arrange with your HC prior to your arrival and they will gather these things for you. You will need 14 days’ worth of clothing (underwear etc, 2 fresh towels, toiletries, sanitary products (possibly), phone chargers, laptop, text books etc – please try and think of anything you will need.
Twice per day you will have an allocated “outside hour”. During this time you must be wearing your face mask and gloves and be well away from other students (minimum of 9m). It is preferred that any students in isolation do not have their outside hour at the same time.
Please talk to your HC about this. You must take the most direct route out of your room to the Gleeson lawn area. You are not permitted to enter other buildings. You will not be escorted out and in, nor supervised, but you must be conscious of these requirements and be respectful of them.
Each student’s HC in the first instance, will manage the delivery of meals. This means breakfast lunch and dinner.
Please do not order Uber eats and expect HC’s or others to be collecting and delivering for you.
Meals will be delivered in disposable containers with disposable cutlery. A rubbish bag will also be provided for you to put all the used containers/cutlery in. Please tie up the bag before placing it outside your door. Alert your HC when it has been placed outside so they can collect and dispose of it in a timely manner. We will provide you with 1 plate and 1 set of cutlery, should you choose to use that once your meal arrives. Please keep this set in your room and wash it after each use (we will provide a tea towel and dish washing liquid).
Snacks: I suggest you do a grocery snack run before you leave home, so you have some snacky foods on hand with you in your room.
Please keep in touch with you HC’s and your friends at college, but also your friends and family outside of college.

If you have any questions prior to your arrival, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We will endeavor to make the 14 days as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We look forward to your return.

Carolyn Mee