Outstanding Academic Achievement Again in 2021 at Aquinas

Once more, consistent results at Aquinas complete a year of strong academic success and the results demonstrated consistent high achievement by students across all three universities.

An analysis of Semester Two results highlighted the fact that 60% of Aquinas students achieved a GPA of 5 or higher, an impressive statistic given the uncertainty of the Covid study climate. Looking at grades attained in Semester Two, one third of our students achieved a Distinction average or higher, with 12% of students achieving a High Distinction average. Over two-thirds of students achieved a Credit average or higher.

We acknowledge the outstanding achievements of Amelia Smart, Michael Duffett and Abbey Latta, who all attained straight High Distinctions in their Semester Two results. In fact, close analysis of the distribution of Grade Point Averages reveals that a very high number of students who achieved a GPA of 6 were in their first year of study. We congratulate our first years for this outstanding achievement in what is traditionally the most challenging year of university!

Comparing across the three universities, an impressive 18% students at Adelaide University achieved a High Distinction average. Amongst these was Junior Academic Tutor Georgia Cash, Senior Patrick Klingner, and first years Faith Monger, Raener Miller, Maeve Elshaug-Betson, Claire Day and Grace Bubner. At the University of South Australia, over two-thirds of students achieved a Credit average or higher, a figure which reflects ongoing and consistent improvement amongst Aquinians at that institution. Students at Flinders University, making up one-sixth of our student population, continued their tradition of attaining strong results with the lowest rate of withdrawal and failure.

All our students can be very proud of their excellent academic achievements in 2021, and we look forward to announcing the Dux of 2021 at our first Collegiate Dinner next year.

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