Marcellin Medallion Dinner a special celebration

The Marcellin Medallion Dinner, an evening when all the College gathers in their House groups to celebrate the person from each House who most closely lives the values of St Marcellin Champagnat, was again a feature of the Semester. The College has chosen to follow this Marist tradition, with the College Chaplain, Fr Paul, leading a Liturgy explaining the significance of St Marcellin to Aquinas and all of the Aquinian students.

The Staff and Students also welcomed a number of the Marist Community from Sacred Heart College, the Director of Catholic Education SA, Dr. Neil McGoran, and two members of the College Council, the Chairperson Ms Joanne Sawyer and Mr. Vincent Kain.

During the Dinner, each of the ten House Coordinators introduced the member of their House whom they had chosen to receive the Marcellin Medallion. All of them reported the difficulty in making their choices, given that so many students personify the values of St Marcellin.

The recipients of medals were:

Tess Kenseley-Beovich House

Tyson Darley-Hannan House

Claire Byrne-Roma Mitchell House

Sophie Lipman-Catherine House

Charlie Molan-Marian House

Luke Donohue-MacKillop House

Brad Braithwaite-Gleeson House

Eli Giddings-Finn House

Toby Casanova-Roche House

Kimjoline Dunham-Marcellin House

Congratulations to all the winners.

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